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About Me

Hey.. My name is Mandi and i am 16 years old. But ne ways, I love hanging out with my friends, they mean the world to me. And also my oldest sister. If it weren't for her, i prolly wouldnt be here right now.. Umm.. i love goin shopping and definitely meeting new people. I am a straight up person who will tell you whats up and i am not afraid. If you got shit in your teeth, be sure to know i will tell you =] Umm a lil about myself.. i have auburn hair, brown eyes and im 5'5. I also have 18 piercings and a tattoo on my lower back.. I do not look/nor act/ 16.. I love being with someone who i know really cares about me.. makes me feel good inside.. ya know? and remember never trust anyone with ur personal shit.. they always end up up telling someone and then that person tells another and so on.. oh and fuck bitches that like to talk shit about you and then cant even back their shit up.. Fuck love.. i believe there is no such thing.. i just believe people fall in love 2 fall...


$, 2 pac, adidas, aim, barbells, belly rings, body jewlery, bright eyes, canada, cars, celebrities, christina aguilera, clothing, comedy, cuddling, darkness, diet dr. pepper, dimonds, drinking, driving, earings, fire, fireworks, flirting, friends, ghosts, handcuffs, havin' fun, hearts, horror movies, hugs, ice cream, josh hartnett, kinky shit, kissing him, late nights, laughing, leopards, lighters, lightning, lip gloss, listenin' to music, make up, making out, making love, Matt, meetin' new people, no school, mickey mouse, monsters, movies, mtv, my hair, my room, night, partys, people watching, perfume, phone calls, piercings, pin up photography, pink, pretty, puppies, r&;b, rap, red bull, red hair, red roses, secrets, shoes, shooting stars, showers, silence, singing in the shower, skinny dipping, sleeping, spending money, storms, strange pictures, summer, sun, sun set, swimming, taking control, taking pictures, talkin' on the phone, tanning, tattoos, tennis, the mall, tigers, tongue rings, trucks, true love, victory, volleyball, weirdness, whips, writing


Liars, backstabbers, stuck up people, people who believe other people, the color brown, bugs, cold water, winter, cats, yelling, loud people, annoying people, people always iming me, being full, school, fighting, the "f" word, homework, pencils, tissue, no fation, know it alls, people who brag, being broke, people who can talk about other peoples dead parents, green, orange, yellow, being lonely, jealous people, haters, people who i cant trust with my thoughts, people who like to ignore others, guys who think they can get "some" from you, skirts, dresses, boobs, periods, taking pictures, rainbows, hot dogs, fruit, freak music, music with no lyrics, shadows, being scared, being on the phone with people who dont actually talk, not having a car, vans, brightness, headaches, ugly feet, people who cry about everything, guys who dress like girls.

My Music

112, 2 pac, 69 boys, Aaliyah, Akon, All 4 One, Alanis Morrisette, Alicia Keys, 50 Cent, B5, Blackstreet, Beyonce, Bobby Valentino, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Bow Wow, Boys II Men, Boys In The Hood, Christina Aguilera, Ciara, David Banner, Destinys Child, DMX, Eminem, Fat Joe, Foxy Brown, Ginuwine, Goapele, Gucci Man, G-Unit, Ja Rule, Jermaine Dupri, Jewl, Kelly Clarkson, Lil Boosie, Lil Boosie, Lil Kim, Lil Rob, Lloyd Banks, Linkin Park, Lonestar, Ludacris, Lyfe Jennings, Mariah Carey, Mario, Marques Houson, Missy Elliott, Monica, Nick Cannon, Nirvana, Nelly, Natalie, Omarion, Pitbull, Pretty Ricky, The Pussycat Dolls, R. Kelly, Salt And Pepper, Shawnna, Simple Plan, Sugarcult, System of a Down, T.I., Tim Mcgraw, Tech N9ne, Teairra Mari, TLC, Twista, Usher, Vega, Webbie, Ying Yang Twins, Young Jeezy


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Prolly the last update in this livejournal [
Sep 14th, 2005 5:12
[ mood | flirty ]

fuck this livejournal its gay now sence sarah's jealous ass deleted all my good entries.. so yea.. thanks to that cunt face, im not gonna be using this one anymore.. im gonna be using my other one and not even worry about this one =] (and to think i actually cried over it.. HA im dumb)
crazycunt Image hosted by Photobucket.com is my new livejournal (add me, but comment first)

you know my aim screan name... so im me

well love ya guys and i hope u wont miss this lj.. cuz i wont =]

oh and me and shena are closer then ever.. i can tell her anything.. seriously.. she is my bestfriend and she is actually the only one that has always been by myside through thick and thin..
so i you shena!

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Friends Only [
Dec 18th, 2004 2:59
[ mood | calm ]

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